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Baharat Spices by GreenfieldsBaharat Spices by Greenfields
Price: £1.89
Lebanese 7 [Seven] Mixed SpiceLebanese 7 [Seven] Mixed Spice
Price: £1.49
Lime Powder by GreenfieldsLime Powder by Greenfields
Price: £1.39
Moroccan Tagine Spices by GreenfieldsMoroccan Tagine Spices by Greenfields
Price: £1.69
Shawarma Spices by GreenfieldsShawarma Spices by Greenfields
Price: £1.75
Ras El Hanout [Ras Al Hanout]Ras El Hanout [Ras Al Hanout]
Price: £2.25
Rose Petals [Dried Edible Rose Petals]Rose Petals [Dried Edible Rose Petals]
Click above for available sizes
Price: £1.29
Rose Syrup by NatcoRose Syrup by Natco
Price: £3.49
Rose WaterRose Water
Click above for available sizes
Price: £0.79
Sorrel [Hibiscus Flower]Sorrel [Hibiscus Flower]
Price: £1.75
Sumac 100g [Sumak Spice, Sumach, Sumaq, Somaq]Sumac 100g [Sumak Spice, Sumach, Sumaq, Somaq]
Price: £1.99
Zahter [Blended Thyme / Zaatar / Zahtar]Zahter [Blended Thyme / Zaatar / Zahtar]
Price: £2.19
Al'fez Moroccan Apricot & Coriander Tagine SauceAl'fez Moroccan Apricot & Coriander Tagine Sauce
Price: £3.79
Al'Fez Authentic Spicy Lemon Tagine PasteAl'Fez Authentic Spicy Lemon Tagine Paste
Price: £2.99
Falafel MixFalafel Mix
Price: £1.99
Ahmed Rose Petal SpreadAhmed Rose Petal Spread
Price: £3.19
Cypressa Capers in VinegarCypressa Capers in Vinegar
Price: £2.75
Saffron 1G [Pure Spanish Saffron Strands]Saffron 1G [Pure Spanish Saffron Strands]
Price: £2.69
Saffron 2g [Pure Spanish Saffron]Saffron 2g [Pure Spanish Saffron]
Price: £5.35
Saffron 4g [Pure Spanish Saffron]Saffron 4g [Pure Spanish Saffron]
Price: £10.69

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