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Create Rick Stein's great tasting recipes in your own kitchen.
All the Ingredients, Grocery & Cookware you need for the authentic recipes listed in his new book 'RICK STEIN THE ROAD TO MEXICO' & showcased in the accompanying BBC TV show.

To make things easier we have grouped together the more commonly used items from the book here, but we do stock alot more! So if you can't find what you require, please try another category or run a search [search box is above right]. - the asian cookshop.


Dried Whole Habanero ChilliesDried Whole Habanero Chillies
Price: £1.29
Dried Whole Pasilla ChilliesDried Whole Pasilla Chillies
Price: £1.49
El Mexicano Pozole (Hominy Grain) (Can)El Mexicano Pozole (Hominy Grain) (Can)
Price: £3.19
Iron Tawa Pan (Traditional Heavy Duty Griddle) sorry out of stockIron Tawa Pan (Traditional Heavy Duty Griddle) sorry out of stock
Price: £0.00
Iron Tortilla & Chapati Press (Roti/Puri/Dough Press)Iron Tortilla & Chapati Press (Roti/Puri/Dough Press)
Price: £13.99
La Costena Chipotles in Adobo SauceLa Costena Chipotles in Adobo Sauce
Price: £2.50
La Costena Serrano Chilli PeppersLa Costena Serrano Chilli Peppers
Price: £2.99
Large Heavy Pestle & Mortar [20cm]Large Heavy Pestle & Mortar [20cm]
Price: £24.99
Masa Harina (Ground Maize)Masa Harina (Ground Maize)
Price: £3.95
Mexican Agave Syrup  (Organic)Mexican Agave Syrup (Organic)
Price: £3.99
Mexican Chipotle Salsa Sauce by El YucatecoMexican Chipotle Salsa Sauce by El Yucateco
Price: £3.20
Mexican Cinnamon Sticks (Ceylon Canela Quills)Mexican Cinnamon Sticks (Ceylon Canela Quills)
Price: £1.49
Mexican EpazoteMexican Epazote
Price: £2.49
Mexican OreganoMexican Oregano
Price: £2.49
Mexican Salsa Verde by La CostenaMexican Salsa Verde by La Costena
Price: £1.99
Mexican Style Fajita SeasoningMexican Style Fajita Seasoning
Price: £1.25
Mexican Style Taco SeasoningMexican Style Taco Seasoning
Price: £1.99
San Miguel Poblano Chilli StripsSan Miguel Poblano Chilli Strips
Price: £3.20
Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce (smoked red jalapenos)Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce (smoked red jalapenos)
Price: £2.99
Tajin Chilli & Lime SeasoningTajin Chilli & Lime Seasoning
Price: £2.95

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